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Alph@TaV Vault Software Presentation + Promotional 27’000 Bits Encoding Key Unlocking Function for first 300 selected users .. … …..

Alph@TaV Vault is a software that we have developed to ensure advanced and customizable security of digital data through a new approach to binary information processing; it is not based on any algorithm or concept of conventional cryptography. By nature, the basic concept of Alph@TaV Vault is to describe the binary information relating to a given data and not to transform it, and then to fragment it into 4 separate files described as 1) Main-Protected-File / 2,3,4) Physical-Key-Files-2,3,4.  Once the security process has been completed, it is impossible to link the secure files to each other because none of them has a coherent internal binary structure that can be analyzed or identified both in the master secure data file and in each of the 3 physical unlock key files. Each file thus produced can therefore independently be exposed to the eyes of all without risking compromising the confidentiality of the secure information. Nothing is exploitable without physic