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Unbreakable NON+Crypted Encoding System

  This article aims to present and detail the operating steps of this new data protection system It as been being formalized in the form of proof-of-concept software named Alph@TaV Vault Alph@TaV Securization Steps    Main-Protected-File -  (*.atd) During the main securization process, the global input data stream (that is any of the selected source files and/or folders) will be merged together into a Main-Protected-File archive with the following file extension (*.atd). This Main-Protected-File is the representation of the global binary structure of all the input files and folders that have been completely Re-Scheduled by our algorithms; for this reason, its own binary structure turns out to be so well organized once the securization process is over. ( Video5b ) The Re-Scheduled global binary structure of the Main-Protected-File is directly imposed by the unique binary identity of each of the source files and folders that are being considered,

Announcing a new data security level solution .. … …..

Ex0-SyS is an emerging Swiss company focused on the development of new technologies, including digital data security. In our opinion there are plenty of companies inventing new technologies on the basis of already known ones and trying to enhance them, but this is not our core business. Ex0-SyS provides an approach which is based not on inventing but on creating new technologies by most of the time going back to the beginning of technologies themselves and totally rethinking them by projecting our mind outside of the box; in this way it allows anyone to see what it is invisible as one remains at the level of currently known technologies. We are specialized in the creation of technological solutions based exclusively on Re-Mastering the initial conditions founding all information systems known to date. We wrote and asked a question on Experts Exchange concerning « the production and use of very long security keys as well as the use of very long prime numbers for encryptio