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My name is Claire LECOCQ and I will give you a quick introduction to Ex0-SyS, as well as the related projects and products.

As a translator, I am involved in this project as a support for translations and processing foreign language tasks than French.

Our projects were born and realized through the meeting of 3 passionate people each in their fields; namely my husband Roland LECOCQ, our CEO, Julian his longtime friend and initial designer of the projects, as well as another friend, Matthias, programmer and computer developer.
This synergy and complementarity between these 3 people made it possible to move from a project phase to marketable finalized products.

Ex0-SyS is a Swiss Start Up Company focused on the creation of new technologies, including digital data Ethical Processing and Security.

Why are we talking about ETHICAL data Processing and Security?!

Simply because this term is in perfect and real agreement with our objectives, our values and our charter, as well as the way we design all our IT tools and software solutions.

Our objectives are the security and protection of data transmission systems and of the personal data of users.

Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility.

Our IT Tools are created to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms which are specific to the rights of everyone.

We also have a charter that boils down to 5 points:

1.      Trust
2.      Transparency
3.      Security
4.      Utility
5.      Swiss Quality

You will find all those detailed information in this campaign as well as on our website:

WWW dot EX0 (E X ZERO) dash SYS (S Y S) dot CH

I repeat:

WWW dot EX0 (E X ZERO) dash SYS (S Y S) dot CH

The Ex0-SyS Team has implemented different IT Projects which I will quickly present to you:

To quote the most important ones that led us to the realization of this current campaign, I will essentially tell you about the Alph@TaV Systems Projects.
The first thing you need to know is that all Alph@TaV Systems Projects are linked together by a binary information processing algorithm that we have designed and developed namely called Alph@TaV Data-Fragmentation.

The Alph@TaV Data-Fragmentation algorithm has many possibilities and all our current projects are a good example of its scope.

Alph@TaV Systems is as a global project that includes a suite of tools and software all related to the secure processing of digital data as well as their storage and transmission.

What characterizes Alph@TaV Systems tools and software is that the end user really controls security and access to data according to his needs, and this in a fully customizable way.

In addition there is no way, neither Super User / Root Access nor Global Private Key, to bypass the restrictions defined by the user when securing his data.

Either you are allowed to access secure data, either you are not, and in this case nobody will be able to do anything about it, including ourselves within Ex0-SyS.

Here is an overview of the tools and software that make up the Alph@TaV Systems Projects suite:

The first of these projects is the Alph@TaV Vault Software:
·         Alph@TaV Vault is a secure data archiving software, which also allows to transmit data in few clicks by email as secured file attachments.

Then there is Alph@TaV Data-Streamer:
·         Alph@TaV Data-Streamer is a developer tool that we have also use in our own software solutions. This tool allows to navigate and find information in a binary data stream that normally would not allow it.

Then we have Alph@TaV Network.
·         Alph@TaV Network is a new kind of Network Protocol that provides point-to-point secure transmission of binary information with hardware identification over NON secured networks.

The fourth tool is Alph@TaV Intercom.
·         Alph@TaV Intercom is a next-generation instant messaging application that provides full control over the transmitted information and the way to access to it.

Fifth tool: Alph@TaV Data-Fingerprint.
·         Alph@TaV Data-Fingerprint makes it possible to extract a unique digital data fingerprint from any files without the need to entirety read them from the beginning to the end.

Now let's look at the sixth tool: Alph@TaV Data-Slimmer.
·         Alph@TaV Data-Slimmer is a software that allows to obtain a never before achieved file size reduction by reordering pure binary information sequences.

Comes after: Alph@TaV Cloud.
·         Alph@TaV Cloud is an online securing and high data volume reduction service. It is based on our Alph@TaV Network and Alph@TaV Data-Slimmer projects.

Our eighth project is Alph@TaV Filesystem.
·         Alph@TaV Filesystem is a new partitioning and formatting approach of physical and virtual storage units. It is based on the principle of hive mode space storage management. It allows a secure management with a very high density allowing a significant reduction of the volume of data and a very high availability to access them.

Our latest project is THE Alph@TaV Pod.
·         Alph@TaV Pod is the Ultimate Solution for all Alph@TaV Systems projects bundled through a physical, scalable and portable personal user hardware interface unit.

All these projects are in development progress, some that are more advanced than others.

This current campaign is targeting our flagship product which is currently in marketable version and for which we need support to promote it and to go to next steps.

This is the Alph@TaV Vault Software (The Ultimate File Protection System) that is design for securing and/or transmitting personal data by email.

Alph@TaV Vault is THE Ultimate Software for Protecting Your Data and/or to Transmits them:

It secures your data, allowing you to encode all types of files and folders, giving you absolute protection against all unauthorized third parties access.

It differs from other software of its category, because it is intended for everyone and is, by design, independent from any outside control.

To conclude, here are the 5 characteristics that make Alph@TaV Vault a useful and innovative software:

1)      Secure email attachement transmission
·         From now do not anymore fear to send sensitive data by email, even if they are intercepted, they won’t be able to be interpreted.

2)      Securely archive files and folders
·         Use your own storage devices instead of external secure information storage services for witch you don't really control the physical data access.

3)      Hardware restriction capability
·         Your computer’s hardware and your storage devices can also serve as locks and can be used as physical access restrictions to your secure data.

4)      Secured files temporal decoding limit
·         Use time as an additional way to secure your information by setting up a decoding limit expiration date of the secured data.

5)      Quantum computers resistant solution
·         The computing power does not anymore counts to secure or decode datas.
From now only counts the way in which the binary information has been fragmented and the means of being able to be to access them if you are authorized and to finally give a coherence back to the whole.

You will find all useful information about the Alph@TaV Vault Software in the presentation brochure that is included in this campaign, as well as on our website:

WWW dot EX0 (E X ZERO) dash SYS (S Y S) dot CH
I repeat:

WWW dot EX0 (E X ZERO) dash SYS (S Y S) dot CH

In this campaign, we also have published the time line history graph for the realization of the Alph@TaV Vault Software.

This includes all important steps from the beginning of the conceptualization of the project itself up to the Current Marketable Version 1 dot 3 of the Alph@TaV Vault Software.

It also includes all important planned next software evolutions updates and releases.

The Version 2 dot 0 will be the one that integrates a direct secured data transmission system as well as clouds storage capability.

The Version 3 dot 0 will be the fully refactored one that will be ported to be used on multi-OS platforms.

On behalf of the whole Ex0-SyS Team, thank you for having paid attention to this presentation, we give you an appointment to join the Ex0-SyS Projects.

You will be very welcome to follow the solutions that’s builds The Great Wall of Secrecy.

Some of our links:

Our main website address:    https://www.ex0-sys.ch
Our Kick Starter Campaign:   http://kickstarter.ex0.ch
Our blog containing details:  http://ex0-sys.blogspot.com/
Our In-Dev tools website:      http://tools.ex0.ch


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