Ex0-SyS – Alph@TaV Systems Global Project – Angel Investment Network – end 2018

Pitch Title

Ultimate File Protection!


Where is the management located?


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+41 79 334 30 62


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Ideal Investor Role

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If you did a previous round, how much did you raise?

CHF 350'000

How much are you raising in total?

CHF 4'000'000

What is the minimum investment per investor?

CHF 50'000

Short Summary

·         Our objectives are the security and protection of personal data transmission & storage.
·         Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility.
·         Our IT Tools are designed to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms.

The Business

Ex0-SyS, Swiss Start Up focused on the creation of new technologies, including digital data Ethical Processing and Security.

What characterizes Alph@TaV Systems Tools and Software is that the end user really controls security and access to data according to his needs, in a customizable way.

In addition there is no way, neither Super User / Root Access nor Global Private Key, to bypass the restrictions defined by the user when securing his data.

Either you are allowed to access secure data, either you are not, and in this case nobody will be able to do anything about it, including ourselves within Ex0-SyS.

The Alph@TaV Vault Software is THE Ultimate File Protection System that was design to secure and/or transmit personal data by email.

The Market

Our flagship product is the Alph@TaV Vault Software, THE Ultimate Digital Data Protection and Transmission Solution for:

Institutional Accounts.
Large Organizations.
Intelligence Services.
Security Services.
Main Economy Streams.
Public Infrastructure Department.
Anyone having secrets to protect (From private use to large company).

Alph@TaV Vault is the first NGO-type Data Protection and Transmission Software.

Why apply the term "NGO" to a software?

Just as NGO projects involve levels of thinking and policy actions that concern governments while remaining independent, the Alph@TaV Vault software incorporates security levels and data restriction options like those of a Government Security Software (e.g. MIL-CAT Software’s).


The ultimate digital data protection software Alph@TaV Vault has passed the prototype phase.

It is currently in a final commercial version (v1.3).

You can download and try it for free from our website: https://www.ex0-sys.ch

This software is the first step in the overall Alph@TaV Systems projects suite.

The entire Alph@TaV Systems project is fully focused on the protection, storage and transmission of digital data.

Our projects and products are essentially based on our main algorithms for the management and reorganization of pure binary data, as well as on our tools for the treatment of primes with no size limit.


Ex0-SyS is a Swiss Start Up Company focused on the creation of new technologies, including digital data Ethical Processing and Security that are essentials needs for the future of IT.

With regard to our objectives, they are structured in the form of one Global Project concerning IT Security (Alph@TaV Systems) which itself contains sub-projects into the form of software products and hardware personal systems.

In the short term, we published a fundraising campaign on Kick Starter to allow us to promote our Alph@TaV Vault Security and Data Transfer Software: http://kickstarter.ex0.ch

In the long term, we would like to realize and publish as products all the projects included in Alph@TaV Systems Suite.

All details as attached documents.

Ex0-SyS Philosophy

Our objectives are the security and protection of data transmission systems and of the personal data of users.

Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility.

Our IT Tools are created to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms which are specific to the rights of everyone.

We also have a charter that boils down to 5 points:

1.         Trust
2.         Transparency
3.         Security
4.         Utility
5.         Swiss Quality

You will find all those detailed information on the attached documents as well as on our website: https://www.ex0-sys.ch

We have also published some additional information on our blog: http://ex0-sys.blogspot.com

You will also find Online Tools on our Ex0-Tools Softwares & Services page: http://tools.ex0.ch


- We have a fully working testable version of our software Alph@TaV Vault v1.3.
- We have a main website as well as another dedicated to our online tools.
- We have a Kick Starter campaign for our projects: http://kickstarter.ex0.ch.
- We offer free Alph@TaV Vault software licenses to all those who support us.
- Software licenses activation controlled by Hardware to fight against piracy.

The Deal

How much do you value the real value of a global solution for an Absolute Digital Data Protection System, as well as the means of Securely Transmitting and Storing them?

10,000,000 / 100,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 / 10,000,000,000 / more?!

Who can say that with certainty without properly assessing all the aspects represented by the Challenges of Computer Security for the future?

What we can now say is that we have reached the first step of the Global Alph@TaV Systems Project.

This step involves online publishing of the First Element of this Global Suite, namely the Ultimate Security and Data Transfer Software: Alph@TaV Vault.

Evolution's of ongoing projects through the attached documents.

More info on the deal, get in touch .. ... .....

Team Overview

Ex0-SyS comes from the meeting and synergy of 3 complementary people.

The Ex0-SyS members (Roland LECOCQ, Julian and Matthias) are also passionate about the fields of science, the universe of numbers and analytical logic.

Responsible for all administrative, financial and legal aspects of the company.

Go forward, go straight to the goal and never give up!

Original designer of the whole Ex0-SyS projects.

Everything is always possible as long as no one tells you it is impossible!

The main Senior Software Developer.

One is to know how to remain pragmatic and never let passion blind him in order to always be analyze objectively the feasibility and the realization of a project.

Team Members

Roland LECOCQ (Ex0-SyS - CEO)


My professional background is in administration, project management, as well as finance and real estate management.

As I stabilize our creative energies, my role within Ex0-SyS is to regulate and structure our projects and to accompany and support our designers and developers.

I am also responsible for all of the administrative, financial and legal aspects of our Start-up Company Ex0-SyS.

Passionate about ancient texts, particularly with regard to biblical exegesis and the mystery of numbers and rules which result from it, I have also used my skills for the initial reflection that has led us to the realization of our projects.

My motto: Go forward, go straight to the goal and never give up!

Julian (Ex0-SyS - DESIGNER)

Initial Main Designer of the whole Ex0-SyS Projects

Computer sciences are my passion since the age of 8, which naturally led me to fulfill my entire professional career in this field.

I am among others the designer and director of the Ex0-BAMT project -- an operating system dedicated to MINING Crypto-Coins which was launched in March 2014 and about which you can still find information on Google (it is still working and downloadable).

Passionate about the universe of numbers, specially prime numbers, Pi, Phi and the Cubit, as well as the design of logical systems, I have over the years moved towards the development of algorithms and computer tools based on these skills.

My motto: Everything is always possible as long as no one tells you it is impossible!

Matthias (Ex0-SyS - PROGRAMER)

Software Conceptualization and Programming Engineer

Computer field that particularly attracted me from an early age has always been the design and programming of computer software.

The Alph@TaV Vault Digital Security and Data Transmission Software development was full of challenges but the result obtained so far has been well worth it.

Thanks to the synergy and complementary that have been established between the members of the Ex0-SyS team.

From my expertise, I can say that the Alph@TaV Vault Encryption System we have developed is truly innovative, mature and solid.

It can also be said that it is ready to deal with future quantum computers, since it does not rely on the raw computing power of computers but on the way the binary data is reorganized, structured and described.

Additional Documents

·         Alph@TaV Vault Software - Up to 15 Securization Levels  (PDF)
·         Alph@TaV Vault Software - Timeline History Graph  (PDF)
·         Ex0-SyS Brochure - More about our Products, Projects and the Company  (PDF)
·         Ex0-SyS Biographies - The Company (Ex0-SyS), Roland (CEO), Julian (CREATOR), Matthias (DEV)  (PDF)
·         Ex0-SyS Current Projects & Products - Kick Starter Video Presentation Script - Can be used as video subtitles  (PDF)

Angel Investment Network – Ex0-SyS page

Some of our links

Our main website address: https://www.ex0-sys.ch
Our Kick Starter Campaign: http://kickstarter.ex0.ch
Our blog containing details: http://ex0-sys.blogspot.com
Our In-Dev tools website: http://tools.ex0.ch


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